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Construction & Demolition Dumpsters

Does your construction site need a dumpster, or more than one dumpster, for trash removal? Whether it’s a small construction site or a large-scale major commercial development, Falcone Enterprises has roll-off dumpsters for any construction project.

We have provided dumpster rental services for a wide variety of construction companies and construction projects. Some of our clients include home improvement companies, general contractors, roofers, siding companies, marble and granite distributors, and landscapers. Our dumpsters can be rented for short or extended periods of time, depending on the specific needs of your project. We also provide dumpsters for large-scale municipal projects like the bridge on route at the Worcester/Shrewsbury line.

We offer reliable construction dumpster rental services to help keep your job site clean, safe and efficient. Let us know what your job requires and we can recommend the appropriate size containers and amount of dumpsters. Schedule your temporary construction dumpster rental quickly and easily by contacting us for more information.

We also offer special pricing for roofing companies. Our “Haul and Ton” price structure is designed specifically for roofing materials. Please contact us for more information.

25-yard container

This container is perfect for large construction projects or that roof that needs replacing. This size can handle almost any project or cleanout at 16 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 7 feet high. Typical uses for a 25 yd container:

  • New construction

  • Large remodeling projects

  • Major demolition

  • Whole house renovation

  • Commercial cleanup

  • Commercial roofing replacement

  • Re-landscaping

  • Large shed demolition

  • 1 car garage demolition

  • Siding from a mid-sized and up home

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