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Office & Commercial Dumpsters

Are you looking to rent a dumpster for commercial or office use? Falcone Enterprises can provide a long-standing dumpster rental to dispose of daily office garbage. We also offer more permanent solutions, if you would like to place a dumpster outside of your office, restaurant, convenience store, or commercial building for an extended period of time. We have permanent dumpsters available sizing in 2 through 10-yard sizing.

Typical uses for office or commercial dumpster rentals and commercial trash removal include:

  • daily use garbage

  • office remodels

  • commercial building remodels

  • office clean outs

  • commercial building clean outs

  • landscaping cleanup

20-yard container

This container is very popular with contractors and homeowners. It’s good for large estates and medium size construction projects. It’s an excellent choice for interior demo projects; bathroom, kitchen or whole house. The dimensions are 14 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 5 feet high. Typical uses for a 20-yd container:

  • Roofing

  • Window replacement

  • Garage construction

  • Siding from a garage

  • Basement renovation

25-yard container

This container is perfect for large construction projects or that roof that needs replacing. This size can handle almost any project or cleanout at 16 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 7 feet high. Typical uses for a 25-yd container:

  • New construction

  • Large remodeling projects

  • Major demolition

  • Whole house renovation

  • Commercial cleanup

  • Commercial roofing replacement

  • Re-landscaping

  • Large shed demolition

  • 1 car garage demolition

  • Siding from a mid-sized and up home

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